We are Atlas2Blue.
Global visionaries on a mission to repair the environment and save our planet.

Who we are

Atlas2Blue was born with the vision that everyone can have the opportunity to fix our world. We are running out of time to reverse the effects of climate change. We have to act NOW.

By unlocking the potential of the soil, we have the chance to reverse the adverse effects of global warming through carbon removal. We're making it as simple as getting from A2B for others to join us in this mission. We believe that together with our product and program, we have the potential to repair the environment, provide a sound investment and save the world.

“Climate Change is the defining issue of our time and we are at a defining moment.”

United Nations

There is no Planet B

The world needs change. Now.

In the 2022 Emissions Gap Report, the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) revealed that the world's collective effort to hold global warming to less than 2°C by 2050 was failing.

Only an urgent system-wide transformation, including large scale carbon removal and carbon economy can avoid this disaster. We don't have time. With global governments actions falling short, we're taking action into our own hands. The time for collective action has come, and we have the right tools, technology, and upside to do it faster and better.

Our difference

Transforming land all over the world to solve our climate disaster

The Atlas2Blue agenda is a global effort to bring people, land owners, technology, and funding together to create carbon sinks on a vast scale.

The key is in our world-leading biotechnology: CropBioLife. Voted by the United Nations (UNIDO) as top 5 sustainable land management solutions, CBL accelerates photosynthesis, greatly increasing the speed and amount of soil carbon storage.

Together, our programs and UN awarded breakthrough technology will provide an opportunity to draw megatons of carbon out of the air and store it into the soil - playing our part in solving the climate crisis.

Our unique solution

Bringing the best in the sector


What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make."

Dr Jane Goodall, Scientist & Activist

You can help make a difference. Invest in the future of our planet.

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